Photo by Adey Roett
Photo by Adey Roett
Barbados - your study destination

Codrington Language Centre

Codrington Language Centre adult courses are held at our corporate building in Christ Church on the south coast of Barbados.

The Centre offers a pleasant learning environment to meet the needs of international students who have diverse interests and abilities.

Codrington Language Centre enrols students from many parts of the world. Surrounded by native English speakers our students enjoy the unrivaled opportunity to improve their English language skills while experiencing a new, exciting culture and often forming lasting friendships.

Why study with us?

  • Barbados is a beautiful island in the Caribbean.
  • It is very easy to reach from most countries.
  • The learning atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.
  • Our teachers are well-qualified and dedicated.
  • We ensure personal attention in the classroom.
  • There are many exciting excursions around Barbados and throughout the Caribbean.
  • We offer you the right course to suit your English language needs.
  • There is a wide variety of accommodation for students including our quality homestay experience.

The Codrington Language Centre Team

Sylvia Johnson

Sylvia Johnson

Sylvia Johnson is the owner and director of Codrington Language Centre.

She is a British educationalist and linguist who came to live in Barbados in 1972. She has a teacher training certificate from Matlock Teacher Training College in Derbyshire, England and is TOEFL qualified. She is qualified to teach French, Spanish and English as a Second Language. She has been involved in education for forty-three years.

She is owner, trustee and chairman of The Codrington International School, Barbados, which offers all three International Baccalaureate programmes.

Ann Whitehead

Ann Whitehead

Ann has worked as the Coordinator at CLC since May 2008. Ann is originally from Wales in the UK where she owned and ran two very successful pubs. Before moving to Barbados in 2001 she retrained as an holistic therapist in massage, reflexology and as a Reiki practioner.

Ann owned her own spa for over 7 years in Barbados, joining CLC in 2008 and combining holistic therapies during the time she is not working at the Centre.

During her time in Barbados she has managed many of the local musicians and been involved in the production of live music shows at venues such as The Plantation and Frank Collymore Hall and events during the “Crop Over” season (Carnival).

For over six years Ann has been a volunteer with “Love Day” a local charity who assist and help the less fortunate. Many students have donated and helped out at the big Christmas event held in Queen’s Park every year.

Ann is usually the first contact students have with the Centre, organizing accommodation and courses. She can book great excursions for students such as catamaran cruises, island tours and the very popular trip to Mount Gay visitor centre (the home of the island’s famous rum). 

Sally - Teacher

Sally - Teacher

Sally is from Derbyshire in the UK, and has lived in Barbados since 1992.   

Sally is a graduate teacher in English from Bristol University with subsequent TEFL/TESOL training in Birmingham. She taught English Language in London, Nigeria and the West Midlands before moving to Barbados.  Here in Barbados Sally has a more rural existence, bringing up her two children and developing a small home-based business in hand-painted ceramics, later combining this with teaching at various locations.

Sally joined Codrington Language Centre in 2010 and says “it’s a very stimulating environment and a great place to work!”

Danielle - Teacher

Danielle - Teacher

Danielle comes from a family that is passionate about many things, including history, culture and music. From a tender age she has travelled and been introduced to different cultures and languages and found that she was deeply interested in effectively communicating with others.

As the years progressed she paid special attention to learning the violin, singing and mastering her native language. She decided to study Spanish at secondary school and when it was time to complete her studies in Architecture and Urban Design, Danielle opted to study in Brasil where she not only learned Portuguese but also spent time to learn about Brazilian culture and work as an English tutor.

Although Danielle's professional goals are in the area of Architecture, she enjoys teaching because she has found that while helping her students she learns from them as well.

Julie - Teacher

Julie - Teacher

Since my first teaching position in 2002 in English as a Foreign Language and Spanish, I have provided instruction for a variety of courses such as the Caribbean Examination Council’s CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) in French and Spanish; Spanish courses from overseas curricula (France and USA); English for Specified Purposes – Medical and Business; one-to-one and mixed nationality classes for adults, juniors and young learners in General English at all levels from beginner to advanced.  I am passionate about providing tailor-made lessons that are motivating, incorporate the use of current technology and are life-applicable.  Having studied several foreign languages myself (i.e. Spanish, French, German and Chinese), I appreciate the challenges that face students and the most effective means of language acquisition.  I love meeting people from all over the world and sharing aspects of my Barbadian and Grenadian heritage with them.

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